An important part of learning for many members of Al-Anon is hearing the story of members who MediaLibraryhave been in the program for a period of time. Their story of what it was like before, and what it is like now, offers hope and learning about the principles of the Al-Anon program.

Media Free Library
Media Rental Library

Media Free Library

These speakers were recorded by the NIAFG Area and include speakers from NCRDM, Team, Assemblies, and other local Open Meetings.  The MP3’s are available free for download.

Media Rental Library

The NIAFG Media Rental Library contains CD’s of Al-Anon and Alateen speakers from Al-Anon and AA Illinois State and International Conventions and the Al-Anon World Service Conference.  These were recorded and copyrighted by an outside company and are available only for rental.

What is on the CD’s

  • IL AFG  and AA State conference and NIA Spring Conference is a 40 – 50 min talk by one speaker on their personal story of Al-Anon recovery
  • WSO Conference contains one to three Spiritual Speakers in a 40 – 50 min talk and 2 CD’s containing a panel of 7 to 8 speakers talking about how service has helped with recovery
  • The AA International Conference contains breakout sessions in a meeting format where there is a 5 min introduction, followed by a 10 – 15 min lead or panel of speakers on a specific topic, followed by 1 hour of sharing from Al-Anon members from all over the world.

 Due to the length of the AA Intl Conf sessions, they are available on a data CD in  MP3 format and not in Audio format.  This means it will play on your computer or downloaded into an MP3 player, but will not play on an ordinary CD player.  Some newer cars can play and MP3, but we cannot guarantee it.

 Media Library Catalog

In the NIAFG Media Rental Library you can look up a CD in the Media Catalog by Event or by Speaker.

Download Catalog

How to Order

CD’s can be rented and returned in 3 weeks by the following steps:

  1. Download the Media Library Catalog
  2. Send an email to media-library@niafg.org
    • Include your Name, Address, Phone Number and the Event, Date and Speaker/topic from the Catalog.
    • Limit 4 Speaker CD’s when ordering.
  3. We will mail you the CD’s with an invoice and a self-addressed stamped envelope for easy, no hassle returns
  • The rental fee is 1 CD – $3.00 2 CD’s – $4.00  3 CD’s – $5.00  4 CD’s – $6.00
  • Please return the CD’s after 3 weeks with a check only made payable to NIAFG,

If you do not have an email account, you can also download a copy of the order form, print it out, and send the order by mail with a check made payable to NIAFG.

“To protect the anonymity of the speakers, please treat the media like a meeting and keep it within the walls of the CD or MP3 Player and the confines of your mind.  In accordance with the copyright of he CD’s, do not redistribute this material or post it on the Internet as that would be considered gossip!!”