Welcome to the Institutions Page of the Northern Illinois Al-Anon Family Groups

Supporting institutions is a great way to share experience, strength and hope with those who can use the program.

Many institutions – hospitals, treatment centers and penal institutions to name a few – encourage those who suffer the consequences of another’s drinking to consider Al-Anon and do this by permitting meetings at their facilities. This page shows some of the meetings in Northern Illinois. Click on any calendar entry for more information on the meetings shown.

If you currently support an institution and don’t see it here, please consider adding this meeting to the calendar. It’s easy; send an email to the Area Institutions Coordinator along with the name, location, time and other details of the meeting.

If you would like to support an institutional meeting but don’t know where to start, great. Send an email to the Area Institutions Coordinator along with any restrictions on distance willing to travel and times available. You will be added to the list of volunteers and may receive requests to help from time to time.

For more information on Institutions, please feel free to download any of these pamphlets:

  • For Members Interested In Speaking (G1) provides some ideas and pointers for speaking at a meeting.
  • Services in Correctional Facilities (G14) deals with some of the special issues associated with meetings held in restricted access facilities.
  • A Meeting on Wheels (G22) is a way of showing potential members what a real Al-Anon meeting is like.

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