Contribute to the Northern Illinois Al-Anon Family Groups

NIAFG, Area 14

There are two ways a registered Al-Anon Family Group, NIAFG District, and individual member can make a contribution to NIAFG:


Checks or money orders made payable to “NIAFG” and mail to:

Gregg Ragalie
P.O. Box 2044
Oak Park, IL 60603

All contributions need to be identified by the donating member’s group WSO ID#, Group Name and the NIAFG District and also provide a contact number and/or email address included with the check.

Don’t Know Your District Number? Use the District Lookup Map. Once the link opens, select the magnifying glass icon and enter the address of your meeting in the “Search this map” dialog. Select the address, the map will update with the District Number.


Members, Groups, or Districts can make a onetime contribution or set up recurring monthly contributions. An email receipt will be sent within minutes of each contribution being drafted from your credit/debit card or bank account.

  • A PayPal account is not required to make a one-time contribution, however a PayPal account is required to set up recurring contributions.
  • While this payment portal is supported by PayPal, NIAFG does not endorse PayPal or any other electronic commerce provider.
  • There is no fee for the donator for using PayPal, but NIAFG does pay a 2.2% service fee plus $0.30 per transaction for this service.

Click on the Donate button below to use this online contribution service.

  • All contributions paid through PayPal need to be identified by the donating member’s group WSO ID# and the NIAFG District#.
  • For donations on behalf of a district, just enter one of the 21 NIAFG District Numbers and specify as 0001 or 0002 or 0003…..0019 or 0020 or 0021.

After entering the donation amount and payment method, click on the line below the donation amount to specify the WSO ID# and NIAFG District