Nov 2015 Group e-News

The November Group e-News has been posted to the WSO site. Click on the icon to be redirected to the WSO site.


What is Group e-News

Information from the WSO on opportunities to participate in time-sensitive projects such as surveys, podcasts, outreach projects, reminders for Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism orders and updates about Al-Anon International Conventions

Sharing Group e-news with your group members.

Groups determine through their group conscience process how information in Group e-news is shared with members of the group. Each group has the autonomy to decide how to share the information. Groups have notified the WSO of the following ways:

  • The CMA reads the newsletter and prepares a report.
  • The CMA prints out the newsletter, brings it to the group, and gives a report.
  • The newsletter is passed around the meeting.
  • The newsletter is posted on a group bulletin board or clipboard.
  • The group asks the CMA or another trusted servant to make a copy of the newsletter for each member.
  • The newsletter is forwarded to group members who have provided an e-mail address for that purpose.

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