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Here’s the 2nd article about our finances. Our donations were up in February but down again in March. Please check your group contribution amounts. Are you keeping a prudent reserve or do you have an excess of funds? Those funds could be helping us do important work in the area! We have many recurring expenses each month and maybe you aren’t aware of where the area money is going.

Here are a few places it goes.

  • The AIMS—printing, putting it together, and mailing it is running between $700-$1,100 each month.
  • Directories—Printing is about $700 and the $1 charged does not cover all of those costs.
  • Website—we have monthly bills to keep the website running for the hosting of $20. We also pay annual fees for the domain and hosting of about $400.
  • Communication—We pay for the emails sent to our members, about $40 each month
  • Storage—We have a small unit to keep our old records and archive materials and that runs $110 each month.
  • North Central Regional Delegates Meeting—Past and Current Delegates met in Iowa to share their experiences, cost $1,050 for hotel and registrations

When I started this position, I did not really know where the area money went. Now I’m seeing it and I would guess most of our members don’t really know everything done at the area. Our area is very active and supportive of Al-Anon and our members! It’s entirely up to the groups to make sure the area can continue to do this good work for everyone. Please be generous with the donations and continue to support the efforts of so many in the program!

In service,

NIAFG Treasurer
Illinois North, Panel 55

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  1. Mary R says:

    I sent a group donation to Linda Minnich and my check has not cleared yet. Please tell me where to send money. When I sent money in May, the check cleared.

    Thank you,
    Mary R. Group Treasurer
    Sat. 10:00 Bolingbrook Alanon/ACOA
    Dist. #10
    Group #30364

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