From your Group Records Secretary

Hello Al-Anon Family:

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday with the family and friends.

I had previously reported that when the Al-Anon Family Groups Annual Report from the WSO is mailed and the form is completed that the report needed to be sent to ONLY ME NOT THE WSO. Some forms have been sent back to the WSO ONLY in the enclosed self-addressed-stamped envelope that was included. Unfortunately, none of those changes will get done in our database. So, in the future, please ONLY send the annual report forms to the Northern Illinois Group Records Secretary. This officer enters the data in WSO and NIAFG databases.

Please now use ONLY the revised GR1 form, which can be found at:

Members Only Page

For the new meetings listed below, I need the WSO ID# prior to entering them in the NIAFG database. The meetings have been registered with the WSO. When I receive the WSO ID#, I will enter the new meetings into our database. Then, the new meetings will be on our website.

Recovery is My Miracle

NIAFG Group Records Secretary
Illinois North, Panel 55


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  1. Maureen R. says:

    Could you please send me your mailing address as our group would like to send a donation. I am the new treasurer of the Tuesday 12:00 Noon Sunshine Al-Anon Group in Elk Grove Village. Does our group have an ID #? If so could you provide it? Thank you.

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