March Forth – A Celebration of Preserverece

March 4th is a special day for members of our fellowship.  It’s Lois Wilson’s birthday.  Over the years, I’ve heard the term, “March Forth on March 4th,“ as a reminder to our members that we have to continue to carry our message of hope to those affected by alcoholism.


According to the WSO website, “in the U.S., there are 18 million people affected by a drinking problem, and only 10% of them will ever get help.”  Sadly, one of the biggest issue’s that Al-Anon faces is the fact that many people, including professionals, have never heard of Al-Anon.  Imagine all the people our fellowship can help!

The Urban Dictionary notes that “March Fourth” is a “holiday where you work toward achieving your dreams…This holiday is used as an excuse to make an effort, take a risk, or refuse to let reasons come between you and your goals.”

Let us all dream that professionals and family members still suffering all recognize Al-Anon’s name as the primary resource for those affected by alcoholism.  On March fourth, take a risk and make an effort to tell someone about Al-Anon that could benefit knowing about our wonderful program of recovery.

Area Delegate, Panel 55
Northern Illinois Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups (NIAFG)

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