A Review of the Annual WSO Contribution is Scheduled for the May 20, 2023 Assembly

Will You Be Ready to Cast a Possible Vote?

Dear NIAFG Groups:

A motion was passed by the March 4, 2023 Area World Service Committee, AWSC, to bring to our Groups at the May 20, 2023 Virtual Assembly a proposal to make the Annual Contribution to the World Service Office (WSO), a permanent part of our NIAFG Guidelines. You may be asked to vote on this proposal.


In January 2021, the Assembly approved the formation of a committee to conduct a Knowledge Based Decision Making (KBDM) study about NIAFG contributions to the WSO. The KBDM was completed and distributed to our Groups. The committee made the following recommendation to the May 2021 Assembly:

  • It is the recommendation of this Thought Force that NIAFG add a line item to the budget for a sensible and appropriate annual donation to the WSO.
  • That the annual donation amount be calculated using a formula based on the available year end funds excluding the fully funded Prudent Reserve, plus a comfortable General Fund balance.
  • Use $20,000, as a comfortable General Fund balance above the currently held Prudent Reserves, which approximates four to five months’ operating expenses.
  • Subtract the $20,000 from the General Fund balance, then multiply the remainder by 20% to arrive at the donation amount.
  • The calculated donation to the WSO will begin with the current year, 2021.
  • This donation policy will be in place for a two-year trial basis, and reviewed thereafter.

Following a presentation and discussion, a motion was made at the May 15, 2021 Assembly to approve the recommendation. Our Groups voted to approve the annual donation for a two-year trial, and a line item was added to the budget to support the WSO.

First Year 2021 Second Year 2022
Year-End General Funds  $50,177.55   $50,050.50
Less Comfortable Balance  -$20,000.00     -$20,000.00   
Remainder Balance   $30,177.55    $30,050.50 
Times 20%   X 0.2  X 0.2  
Calculated Donation Paid    $6,035.51   $6,010.10 

With the two-year trial period ending, it is now time for a review.

Because of the generosity of our Groups and Districts, and reduced expenses for the past several years, we have an abundance of funds in the NIAFG General Account currently available. We have been able to give generously for the past two years. If we reach a time when we have fewer funds available, the formula will result in a smaller donation amount. Our Prudent Reserves target of $25,000 has been equaled or exceeded since October of 2019, and currently stands with a balance of $27,583,31.

Please discuss this proposal with your Groups, so you can make an informed decision if a vote is called for. Any questions you may have can be sent to the WSO Contribution Committee by emailing our Delegate, Gregg Ragalie at delegate@niafg.org. Please use in the subject line: “Contribution Question”. We will address the questions during the Assembly presentation.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and the loving Service you provide to families and friends of alcoholics.

WSO Contribution Committee
Gregg R. NIAFG Delegate and Committee Chair
Maureen M. NIAFG Treasurer
Marcia C. NIAFG District 18 DR
Rose B. NIAFG District 14 Co-DR

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