What’s Going on in the Districts, and Some Thoughts

As part of our three times a year AWSC meetings, each of the District Representatives talks briefly about the happenings in their district. There are a lot of exciting things happening in different districts, and so I’ll share some of them. Maybe it will promote some ideas for your district.

  • Treatment centers– Nine districts working on a variety of approaches. Three are starting new Al-Anon meeting at the treatment centers. Two districts starting collaboration with four treatment centers. Ongoing Al-Anon meetings at treatment centers. Three districts provide Al-Anon speakers for family group meetings at treatment centers.
  • Reaching out to non-participating groups-One district held a GR workshop and got five more GRs! Another district reaches out to groups that have not attended district meetings for a while.
  • Local district events – A district is preparing for an upcoming Day of Sharing. There seem to be a lot fewer of these. Why? Several districts have annual picnics. Picnic vs Day of Sharing?
  • Writing workshop – one district held a very successful writing workshop. I know personally of two professional writers in NIAFG, so I’m sure there are a lot more who could lead a workshop. There is a new daily reader in the works at the WSO – so a BIG opportunity for NIAFG members to contribute!!!! What about putting some of these sharing in AIMS?
  • Process – Several districts are thinking about their process. One is doing a district inventory; another is setting goals for itself.
  • Outreach – Events going on include: sending material to counseling center heads; working with treatment centers; speaking at addictions classes at the community college; staffing a table at Junior Hi wellness fair; placing posters in stores and other locations in the area.
  • Frequency of meetings – There is a wide variation in the number of meetings/year that the district have – three to twelve! Why? What is the effectiveness per meeting?
  • Area events – several DRs talked about planning for the next two area Assemblies, another about their work on the upcoming TEAM event with the WSO participation. The DR of the district that hosted the January Assembly mentioned that the district was energize by hosting. So mobilizing the district for a big effort energizes the district?
  • Focus meeting – One district has started a meeting oriented toward parents of alcoholics and attendance is growing. By the way, the WSO has a booklet in the works for parents/grandparents of alcoholics.
  • Answering services – The number of calls is down (largely due to people instead using the website). One district has shut down its website. I recently got a call referred from the DuPage answering service, so I know that there are people who really need to talk to a human. Time to think about consolidating all of NIAFG to one answering service?
  • Alateen – Thanks to all the districts that are hosting Alateen training sessions! There is a lot going on here!

And some thoughts –

  • Two of the items above are clearly related to coordinators who have been working with the districts.
  • So I looked at all the coordinators, we have 15 –
    • Maybe seven are what I’d call, “keeping the wheels going” type activities, often working in the background: Directory Distribution, Web Content, Electronic Communications, AIMS Personal Subscription, AAPP.
    • Several have key role in shaping communications and image with the membership: Web Technical, and AIMS Editor.
    • And some are key to the program: Alateen, Alternate Alateen, Literature, Convention Liaison, CPI&CPC, Institutions, Archives, Media. Gratefully in Service, Gene W. Chair, NIAFG

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Northern Illinois

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  1. Jenny S. says:

    I think the idea of combining districts for the purpose of answering services/voice mail is a great idea. We pay about $100 a month and hours of volunteer work for maybe 3-8 calls a month. This doesn’t seem cost-effective. Hope we can talk about this seriously at the next AWSC. Thanks!

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