Something New Something Different

Had a chance to read one of Al-Anon’s newer books, “Many Voices, One Journey?”  It is the story of Al-Anon, and how it has changed since its beginning some sixty-five years ago.  Without change, I think Al-Anon would long since have died.  I think “being comfortable” is not always a good thing.  We have our Steps, Traditions, and Concepts which are pretty much “fixed,” but that does not mean we can’t also stay modern and generate energy by trying new things.  Change has a way of accelerating growth in both ourselves, and our Al-Anon groups.  So some thoughts —



  • Try different meetings
  • Try more meetings
  • Read a different books
  • Get a sponsor, change sponsors

Your group…

  • Visit some different groups, maybe even in other districts.  You will see some new people and get ideas for your meeting.  A vacation is one excuse to do this.
  • Do a group inventory – that may spark some ideas for change.
  • Consider having a Concept as a topic once a month.

In the area of service work there is even more leverage to impact the organization…

  • Have you seen our website (  It used to be pretty static, but the goal is to make it dynamic with changing content.  Soon there will be current articles posted to the website, and you will be able to comment on the articles!  Scary, Wow!
  • Last year we did advertisements on buses in Chicago.  Now we are looking at having our TV spots put in movie theaters for people to see when they get there shortly before the previews start.
  • Our Newsletter editor is working on freshening up the look of the newsletter.
  • And as I said in a recent article, we will be getting your input on ways to make the Assemblies more fun.

So… whatever your role/position, try something that has not been done before.  If it doesn’t work, try something else!

NIAFG Delegate
Illinois North Panel 55

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