So You Are Thinking of Being Chair for the 2017 Al-Anon State Convention!

OK…so not yet anyhow. It does seem a bit preposterous.


A little background – The IL State Al-Anon convention was last held this past October in Itasca at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa.  We had xxx attendees.  But in IL, we rotate the responsibility, and so this year, it will be run by IL South, and held in East Peoria (check the posting on the home page of our website).  Then in 2017, it will again be hosted by IL North.  So…we need a chair to pull together the committees.thinking

Why the idea of your being chair is maybe not preposterous –

  • There are a lot of Al-Anons who will help
  • There is a very well written procedure for how to do it.

And why would you want to do it?  Well we did an exercise at an AWSC meeting several years ago and asked people what gifts they received as a result of service work.   There were a lot of responses and I won’t list them all here, but some were: friendship; better listener; improved self-esteem; working with others; making mistakes and surviving them; positive feedback; love; support; growth, growth, growth; found I have a voice; and last, have an opinion and can share it.  Who wouldn’t want to have those gifts?

OK…piqued your interest?  A couple people you might talk to for more information: the Chair for the 2015 State Convention and the Convention Liaison Coordinator for the 2013 State Convention.


Chair, NIAFG
Panel 55

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