Al-Anon’s Least Read Book

So I’ve “pitched” some books recently [Reaching for Personal Freedom,(a work book), and Many Voices, One Journey]. I see these and other Al-Anon books on my group’s literature table, and 5401801members pick them up and buy them, along with many other books. One book I don’t see on the tables, however, is Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual . This is updated every three or four years. The
current edition is 2014-2017. Every time there is a new edition, a copy is mailed to each group, (probably sitting in the bottom of your group’s box of stuff). What is amazing is that you can also get it

So why in the world would you want to read this book? Well, let me give you some reasons. There are five sections:

  • Groups – This section tells you all you need to know about running a group, such as:running a meeting, up-to-date suggested readings, and optional readings. Then, how to run a
    business meeting, a group conscience, service positions, and structure at the district level
  • Policies – Everything you want to know about policies. One policy I think we are all familiarwith is that we use only Conference Approved Literature (CAL). but we also have policies on Alateen, Anonymity, Public Outreach, Etc.
  • Handbook – This is mostly Al-Anon structure. Interesting.
  • Charter – This is only five pages. Did you know that it says no changes can be made to the Steps, Traditions, and Concepts without written consent of three-quarters of all Al-Anon groups in the U.S. and Canada? A pretty tough hurdle for change.
  • Concepts – These are our Third Legacy. (Know what the first two are?) The Concepts were developed by a committee chaired by Lois W. and first discussed at the 1969 World Service Conference. They were formally adopted in 1970. The Concepts of Service record the “why” of our service structure.

So… think about getting a hard or pdf copy. It makes great bedtime reading, and you will get to really

NIAFG Area Chairperson
Illinois North, Panel 55

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