Warranty One

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is a spiritual foundation in each of the warranties. In February warranty one was place heavily on my mind, so I thought this could be a good way for our delegate and I to reach out to our District Rep. So we set out to schedule a conference call with the District Reps in our area. The conference calls was center on warranty one which states:

That only sufficient operating funds, including an ample reserve, be its prudent financial principle.

The conference calls have been very up lifting and positive every District Rep we spoke with believe that money is necessary for Al-Anon to survive and grow. I would also say that each of them understand the importance of an ample reserve so the conference calls were really about information and education. There was also an opportunity for our District Rep to share any concerns that they had.

Warranty One state when each member can be shown how much the service dollar really buys in terms of helping families to find Al-Anon. Contribution are willing and generous and Al-Anon will continue to thrive with the continued financial support of our members.

Alternate Delegate
Illinois North, Panel 55

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