Tradition One

I am grateful to start another year of my recovery journey. I am also looking forward to being of service in the New Year. Tradition One states:

Our common welfare should come first;
Personal progress for the greatest number,
depends upon unity.

This tradition tells me that my personal welfare is important, so I know it is crucial for me to make my personal welfare a priority. This tradition also tells me to consider the welfare of others. My pre Al-Anon days, no one else’s problems seemed as important. Well, with some healing. And a change of attitude, the welfare of others is important. How about the welfare of our group? When we have a need to talk about a problem in great length at our meeting, are we considering the welfare of our group? I believe that we can be better served talking one-on-one with another Al-Anon member. How about unity? Our literature states; by working together with others and using our traditions, we will have unity.

NIAFG Alternate Delegate
Illinois North, Panel 55

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