Every year there is a regional delegates meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to prepare delegates for the World Service Conference, to learn how the logistics of how to go about voting, and how important matters concerning AlAnon are presented.

In attendance at the meeting, are the alternate delegates, past delegates, the regional trustee, and the trustee at large. This year, Northern Illinois had the pleasure of hosting the regional delegates meeting. This allowed all of panel 55 officers of Northern Illinois and past delegates to be part of the meeting.

It is in concept two where it is explains how the Al-Anon organization operates.

Al-Anon has 67 areas in the United States and Canada, each has a delegate to represent their area at the World Service Conference. There are nine regions, we are in the United States North Central Region. Our region has nine areas they are: Northern Illinois (our region), Southern Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota North, and Minnesota South. It is one thing to read how our worldwide fellowship works, but it is Alanon-Faces-Alcoholism-2016breathtaking to see it in action! Thanks to the committee, and Ramona’s creative spirit, hard work, and great sense of humor, this years’ Regional delegates meeting was a success! I look forward to next year meeting.

The Forum: A meeting in my pocket, serenity in my day.

Alternate Delegate
Panel 55
Northern Illinois

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