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The forum has been a big access to my personal recovery. I have relied on the forum for quite some time. Here are a few examples when I have used the forum. Between meeting, as a meeting topic, with my extended family members at my family reunion. On my job when I have been in a stressful work situation I have excuse myself to go to a quiet place pull out my forum read for about 10 minutes. Where I have regained strength and serenity to go forward with my day. Literally the forum has been a meeting in my pocket.


Here is a little history about the forum:

In May 1951 Al-Anon Regional newsletter was Re-name the Family Forum.

In 1962 the forum became conference approved. In Many Voices one Journey it tells us in 1971 there were 10,000 Subscriptions to the forum. Many Voices one Journey also tells us in 1977 the World Service Conference voted to expand the forum into a 32- page monthly magazine. It also states in 1981 the forum had 38,000 Subscribers. So as I reflect on the history of the forum I like to share with you, you too can have a meeting in your pocket. At our upcoming assembly in May I will be taking forum personal subscriptions order or perhaps you may want to give a forum subscription to another member as a gift.

So let’s keep the forum subscription going strong. I look forward seeing you at the assembly.


Alternate Delegate, Panel 55
Northern IL

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