Discipline in my Recovery

I learned very early on in my recovery that if I really wanted to grow in the Al Anon program, it would take a lot of discipline. Initially, I made three meetings a week, if something was heavy on my mind, I would make four. I went to an open meeting once a month, to remind myself of the pain the alcoholic was in. I truly thought they were having a good time! My family members became aware of my meeting times, and would ask me to assist them with something. These requests often conflicted with the times I needed to be at a meeting. My response to them was “I can’t help you at this time, but here are the times when I can assist you.” I call my sponsor every day. There are times that I cannot reach my sponsor, at those times I call on a power greater than myself. I make contact with that power at least three times a day, no matter what is going on in my life, good or bad. I read conference approved literature twice daily. I really needed a change in my attitude, so I had something everyday that I was working on to improve and enhance my recovery. This program said to me “work this program” because my life depends on it. This statement has held truth for me then, and does so for me now. The discipline has allowed me much peace, also showing me unconditional love, showing me how to have a relationship with the person behind the disease.

Alternate Delegate
Illinois North, Panel 55

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