Concept Three

The right of decision makes effective leadership possible.

It is my understanding that Concept Three is based on trust. As I am trusted, I learn to trust others.

  • Concept Three speaks of the decision-making authority at all service levels.
  • Our trustees at the World Service Office are trusted to make decisions for Al-Anon worldwide.
  • Conference members are trusted to make decisions at the Conference.
  • Panel members are trusted to make decisions for the Area.
  • District Representative’s are trusted to make decisions for the District.
  • Group Representatives have been trusted to represent the group.
  • Our groups are trusted to help families and friends of Alcoholics.

So here we are at many service levels trusting our leaders to serve in the best interest of Al-Anon. I don’t believe effective leadership is possible when we closely scrutinize, supervise, and criticize our leaders. Our paths to recovery state: When we grant our trusted servants the right of decision, we place our faith in a power greater than ourselves and trust in the integrity of each other.

Alternate Delegate
Illinois North, Panel 55

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