Being Stored up

Something is always coming! Experience has shown me it is to my advantage to stay stored up. Being stored up, for me, means being in regular attendance of an Al-Anon meeting, working with an Al-Anon sponsor who is also working a program of recovery, studying Al-Anon literature, working on myself spiritually, mentally, and physically, doing service work, and asking myself daily what will I work on today.

When I am stored up I am less likely to react to whatever I am facing. I have had three deaths in my family in the last two months, and one was my brother. My program says, “ What would you be doing if this hadn’t happened?”  I had the experience of interacting with my extended family during this time. Some of my family members are in pain from the effects of alcoholism, and some are in recovery. I really enjoyed talking with my recovering family members.

In the past, I would have not interacted with those I knew who were still suffering from the effects of alcoholism. But my Higher Power and the program says, “You should encourage others along the way.” As a result, I was able to talk with my family members who are still suffering and was able to share some hope with them. After sharing with them, I was asked questions and comments like: Are you still in Al-Anon? What are you doing to look as good as you do? My response was Al-Anon and God. So the thing for me is, “Why would I stay stored up? I believe it’s because my life depends on it.

NIAFG Alternate Delegate
Illinois North, Panel 55

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