From District Representative 21

I’m in love, its name is “Service” and last name, “Al-Anon/Alateen District 21”.

This year has been full of learning and great experiences for me, and all because my Higher Power. My Higher Power has sent me one of the most important messages in my recovery: “Listen and learn.” It may sound easy, but I had to learn this motto and practice it in all my actions over the past few months and I have to admit that I found it very helpful in my personal life and service in Al-Anon.

When I began my service as District Representative for District 21, I had no idea how important it was to be humble and listen carefully; being guided by the ultimate authority in Al-Anon, a Higher Power. My Higher Power talks to me through literature, guides and the service manual, through my colleagues and friends in Al-Anon, and through sharing with my sponsor. My Higher Power is present at meetings in my group, the SIA, the District and in the Area Assemblies. I love to feel their presence every time the members from an Al-Anon group meet to share their experience, strength and hope. When I listen to the different experiences from GR’s, gives me great joy to see how they are recovering, how they are finding satisfaction and even happiness in their life just by attending the meetings. I love to see more and more unity in our district and, although not everything is perfect, we are willing to work by passing the Al-Anon message for those still suffering.

Today more than ever, I feel part of the miracle that is Al-Anon. I can not deny that sometimes I have been quite busy and under pressure from service responsibilities and those of my everyday life, however, I have always had the unconditional support of my colleagues and with the strength that a Higher Power gives me to continue my tasks. I look forward to learning a lot next year to serve the brotherhood that has given me so much. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to this service.

AH… another year!

District Representative 21


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