From your Public Outreach – CPC Coordinator

In our service circles we close with the Al-Anon Declaration and as we say each word do we really understand the responsibility we have as members of this fellowship. It states that our hands will reach for anyone, anywhere to extend our hand of help to the communities that are in need of Al-Anon and Alateen.

Our vision needs to be board within our fellowship to ensure that Al-Anon and Alateen can stand the test of time. Can we see ourselves and imagine our program in ten years. Have we cared for this wonderful program as the program has cared for us? Are we as members able to carry the message outside our groups and be an extra pair of hands in goals that continue our primary purpose.

Many of the members would say well I am being of service in my group. For this Al-Anon is grateful. The most important service we can do is to be at our meetings welcoming the new person walking in the door. We also create a return from newcomers when our meetings are well prepared and we have service members in place to open the doors and lead the meeting. Our meetings reflect the amount of recovery we have inside of the room and how well we care for our group and the content of our shared experience.

In the next three years I will be asking for help to attend conferences in the professional community. Within public outreach I will be looking at what we as a fellowship can do to be forward thinkers and to think big to ensure Northern Illinois Al-Anon Family Groups can meet the test of time. Together we can be of service to each other and to the families that are still in need. Let’s dream big and see what amazing things we can do together for our future.

CPC/PI Coordinator
Illinois North, Panel 55

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