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Public Outreach and Institution’s will be at all Area meeting selling the magazine

Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism. We are doing this because as the holidays fast approach and the stress of money, family, and a problem drinker can be too much.

Together we can make it easy for families still suffering to find our meetings and continue our primary purpose. Please make sure on all magazines there is contact information on the back. Please choose from your local Answering Service Number, Al-Anon meeting location and time or the Area web site.

We are asking all members to continue to place this magazine in places where people gather and sit. The suggestions are:

  • Doctor’s Officeafacover
  • Dentist‘s Office
  • Nursing Office
  • Urgent care/Emergency Room
  • Beauty Salons
  • Barber’s Shops
  • Wellness Centers
  • Churches/Synagogues
  • Therapist Office
  • Counselors Office
  • Human Resources
  • Social Worker’s Office
  • Dean’s office
  • Police
  • Marriage Counselors
  • Al-Anon Meeting location
  • Treatment Centers

Thank you for the service you do on behalf of the

Al-Anon Family Groups of Northern Illinois. Your time and commitment is truly appreciated.

CPC/PI Coordinator
Illinois North, Panel 55

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