From your CPC/PI Coordinator

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ike the movement of a glacier, we may not recognize our progress right away, but the effects of working the Al-Anon program are profound and lasting. No matter how hopeless we may feel in response to personal tragedy, there is every reason to hope. So very many of us have survived similar events but have flourished. The miracle of recovery is that no matter what circumstance we must face, we are able to live and love once more. …In All Our affairs, page 211.

This paragraph has been a light of hope for me for so many years. That through my recovery no matter what my losses are that as a member of Al-Anon I will grieve, I will live and I will love once more. When our members can carry this message to the family members who are still suffering it will ignite a small flame of hope when we speak to the public about the experience we have gained being members of Al-Anon. Through our recovery journey we have made the choices to better our lives, which has slowly changed our whole person. This gift of serenity is a gift to share.

Why is having new members so important to our members and groups? As members we benefit from new people in attendance to our home groups. With each new person we are reminded of the reason we gather each week and we practice our welcome to each new attendee so they understand-together we can make it.

CPC/PI Coordinator
Illinois North, Panel 55

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