Can We Flourish In Al-Anon?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n simple terms, the Seventh Tradition points out one of the corner stones of the Al-Anon program of recovery. When individual members and groups understand that they are responsible for their own survival and progress, a great spiritual strength flows into each part as well as the whole. —Al-Anon’s Twelve and Twelve, page 116-117

So what does this mean for the members, the groups, the districts and the Area? Let’s break down this Tradition so we have a clear understanding of how we do money. It starts with an understanding that we as members place money in the basket at each meeting we attend. According to the Al-Anon Service Manual it states, [highlight]The group funds are used to support Al-Anon’s purpose of carrying its message of help and hope to those who still suffer. (Page 56)[/highlight]

So when money is dropped into the basket weekly there are four service levels that continue to reach those who are still suffering.

First, the districts who are lead by the Area Public Outreach and Institutions Coordinators fulfilling the World Service Conference goals to maintain our vision, “All people affected by someone else’s drinking will find help and recovery in every community.” Our growth with new members is essential to our own recovery and to help our local groups flourish when new members are guided to our groups through the efforts of the different service positions. When money is transferred within the many service positions our area flourishes because we continue to renew our efforts and improve our outreach through new ideas. It is through an understanding that sitting on money to have money isn’t the best use of the members weekly contributions. Instead, if each group and district did contribute to the Area we could and would flourish. Talk of money would be put aside and our primary purpose would be our only focus. As members, we all have an understanding that our group reflects the recovery of our members. It is also true when our Area flourishes it is a reflection of our members, groups and districts understanding what resources are needed for the service members at the Area level to continue their efforts and commitments to grow a fellowship.

Your commitment and support to the Area is truly appreciated.
CPC/PI Coordinator
Illinois North, Panel 55

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