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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Japanese have an award designated for senior artists. These people have passed on the art of dyeing silk, dance, puppet theatre, musical instruments, opera theatre and unique bas-relief paintings. They are called “Living Treasures” Individuals and groups may so be honored for the “preservation of Important, Intangible Cultural Properties.” So, do we have any “Living Treasures” in Al-Anon? Oh yes, we do. You can help me find them.

The following groups have fifty years or more seniority in Al-Anon. Some of the”Treasures” are still going to these meetings today. Let’s get their stories now.

  • District 04 Chicago #3655 January 1, 1959-Chicago Serenity Seekers AFG, Sun 11AM- Methodist Hospital, 5024 N. Paulina, Chicago 60625
  • District 05 LaGrange #3876 December 1, 1960 LaGrange “Q”AFG, Fri 7:30PM First Congregational Church, 100th S. 6th Ave. 60525
  • District 16 Geneva #3796 October 1, 1965 Geneva AFG, Wed 8PM Fox Valley Presbyterian Church, 225 Eastside Drive, 60134

The following groups will soon be celebrating their fiftieth anniversaries. Some groups were meeting as AFG and affiliated with AA before joining the Exchange in N.Y., now the WSO. I am reflecting their group seniority with the registration number.

  • District 06 Chicago #3621 January 1, 1966 Northwest Morning AFG, Wed. 9:30 AM, St. John’s Lutheran Church, 4939 W. Montrose, 60630
  • District 13-Chicago #3592 April 1, 1966-Hyde Park AFG, Wed. 8PM, First Unitarian Church, 5650 S.Woodlawn, 60637

Congratulations to these groups and individuals who have shared their experience, strength, and hope for fifty years or more. You had the courage to change and make a better life for yourselves, your

In Service,

Archives Coordinator
Illinois North, Panel 55

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