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At the last Assembly of May 16th I gave a report of our first Illinois Assembly of Dec 3, 1960 in Forest Park, Il.. At that time there were eighteen “Committeemen” representing about three groups each. Six out of the eighteen ran for delegate. After three rounds, one of them was elected. Immediately the representatives decided to raise funds to send her to the N.Y. Conference in April of 1961. Some ladies donated $40 from their cake sale. The remaining representatives donated $140.00 from their groups. Letters were sent to the group who could not attend, but might want to send a financial contribution. In total, over $200 was raised. Now in 1960 the minimum wage was $1.00 per hour. Today that would be around $1500. This was a reflection of their consciousness, and determination.

So when did we become “Northern Illinois”? The first Assembly of Northern Illinois was March 20, 1971. For eleven years Illinois AFG met four times a year in various locations .Peoria was a favorite central spot. Finally it was decided that Illinois needed two delegates. After much discussion it was decided that there would also be separate Assemblies. This transition was not easy. The fourth Assembly was in conjunction with the fall AA State Convention. Today we have three Assemblies a year and a fall A.F.G. Convention. This year you may meet your brothers and sisters from Southern Illinois at the Eaglewood Resort in Itasca Oct 23-25. You do not have to drive over 100 miles as our predecessors did. The resort is available for $109.00 a night by mentioning AFG Convention”.That is a good deal. Hope to see you

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