NIAFG Alateen Coordinator Report

As the Alateen Coordinator for NIAFG, I am only a trusted servant with a commitment to provide services that will be beneficial toward keeping and growing our wonderful Alateen program.



With the help of my Higher Power, our Alternate Alateen Coordinator, our AAPP (Area Alateen Process Person), all DRs, GRs, and AMIAS (Al-Anon Members Involved in Alateen Service), we can build a schedule of workshops required to certify and re-certify Alateen group sponsors.

The WSO and NIAFG calendar year for certification is July 1st to June 30th, so we have from now until about June 1st to complete our workshops.  When planning a workshop, please note that weekend day hours are preferred, and that a four-hour session is needed, when possible, to allow time for sharing of issues and concerns.

Thanks to all who provide services and support to Al-Anon and Alateen.

Alateen Coordinator
Illinois North Panel 55

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