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Thanks to the input from Alateen members in an online survey earlier this year, the “Alateen WSO” outreach Facebook page is now a reality! Search “Alateen WSO” to find! Al-Anon and Alateen members can “like” the page and share the posts to show support for our program without revealing membership! Like the Al-Anon WSO Facebook page, Alateen WSO is a source of information about Alateen, not a place for members to share with each other. It is intended to deliver an Alateen message to the many young people who are on Facebook. It is not a place for members to share their program with each other and with others, which would violate our Tradition of anonymity.!

Our Alateen WSO Facebook page states:

This Facebook page provides information for anyone interested in the effects of alcoholism on the younger relatives and friends of problem drinkers. Membership in Alateen is neither assumed nor implied for any visitors to this site.

On Facebook, look for Alateen WSO. You will notice that there is not a “Friend” option on the page even though building up a large bank of friends is a big part of how Facebook usually works. Again, WSO is sharing information that we hope you will pass on to others, but remember that Tradition Eleven asks members to maintain personal anonymity in the public media, such as on your Facebook page. If you want to “follow” the posts of Alateen WSO, simply click “Like” to like the page. However, remember that indicating on your Facebook page that you “like” Alateen could also be understood as a public statement that you are a member. If you have clicked on the “Like” option, you can change it!

Alateen Coordinator
Illinois North, Panel 55

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