From Your Outgoing AIMS Editor

This is my last issue of the NIAFG AIMS as your AIMS Editor. We have an excellent new AIMS Editor who will do a great job. I look forward to reading her upcoming issues. I am sure the Coordinators and Officers will continue to send newsy articles to make our Area Newsletter a quality communication tool for our fellowship.

I have learned a lot about myself through this three year journey. I adopted the quote from our Hope for Today: “A mistake a day keeps my perfection at bay.” It has helped to kept my sense of humor during trying times. I have found I do well with three mistakes a day, but the fourth one starts to push me toward the edge. I am soon talking to my Higher Power and asking for strength to handle the next one before it does send me over the edge. Chuckle, growth is an amazing thing–I can do it with dignity and grace or kicking and screaming. Either way, my Higher Power gets his way. Chuckle–I prefer the dignity and grace way, but sometimes I am not in the best space for that.

I learned I am better with technology than I thought. I knew mistakes were not fatal, and saw it proven over and over for me and others. Area participation as a Coordinator is interesting and gives me more chances to practice the Twelfth Tradition– “principles above personalities.” The wisdom and knowledge at this level is very evident. Everyone was willing to share their experience,  strength, and hope with us all. I participated and gleaned from an AWSC meeting workshop on service work and used it to query my own district for knowledge of why some do not participate in service work outside the group level. It has helped our district refocus efforts to attract more people to service participation.

I am a DR for my district now and have another journey of growth ahead. I will be at assemblies and AWSC meetings. At the end of my three years, I will decide on my next service participation at the Area level. My Higher Power and I have much to discuss. Thank you for allowing me to grow and learn. Take care and keep coming back and growing. ; )

AIMS Editor
Illinois North, Panel 54

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