What’s Our Goal?

As Public Outreach my goal is to help the professional community link to Al-Anon and Alateen when their client or employees are dealing with someone else’s drinking problem. There are several ways this is done. At professional conferences relating to alcohol, treatment centers, social services and employee assistance we insure the professional have in their hands our area directories, know about our website and understand why Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism is important to their services to the community. When the professionals ask for our assistance and request meetings within their facilities it is a way to keep Al-Anon and Alateen growing and available for the many people still affected by their loved ones drinking.


So when a professional requests a meeting within their treatment center it is vitally important as members to understand that we benefit as well. Our growth in this fellowship benefits all members and the fellowship as a whole. New members continue the growth of local meetings and our Area. This growth provides additional funds for public outreach and allows the Area to reach out within our communities in a broader way.

Here’s where your group can help. Place the blue Al-Anon poster in the location where you meet weekly with the location and time of your meeting. Step away from fear and allow your community to see that we are there in case they need us. It is very important today that our community have a sense that we exist and where help is. If you are afraid of doing this speak to your sponsor and become familiar with our anonymity statement and with the closing of our Al-Anon program. This simple blue poster could increase your meeting attendance and keep our message of hope alive in your community.

Public Outrech
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Northern Illinois


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