Thoughts and Guidance for FLAC

The following are some thoughts guidelines that will help us KEEP IT SIMPLE. Feel free to call me, or email to share your ideas and questions!

How to answer an Ask FLAC question:

1.  Use CAL: We respond to the questions by rephrasing and/or quoting from one or more pieces of conference approved literature, including books, brochures, The Forum magazine, etc. When we re-phrase we strive to preserve the meaning, but short direct quotes are preferred. (And most Ask FLAC Columns are 350 – 500 words in length, or two to three pages double spaced)

2.  Identify Sources: The purpose of our Ask FLAC column is to promote the use of our CAL, so the article should include sources for the quotes in your submission.

Here is how to cite your sources:

  • For books, include the book title and page number(s). For daily readers like One Day At A Time, Courage to Change, and Hope For Day, the date may be substituted for the page number (for example, “In the July 14th share in Hope For Today…”)
  • For brochures, include the brochure title and the publication code number (if you need help finding that, let me know); page #s not necessary for brochures.
  • For The Forum, include the issue month/year, article title, author’s name (if available), and page number.
  • Alateen CAL may be cited at your discretion where appropriate.

3.  Send your reply to Donna A. Her email address is listed in the print version of the AIMS.

Once submitted, some minor editing (grammar, punctuation, etc) may be performed before publication

AIMS Editor
Illinois North, Panel 55

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