Is AIMS Conference Approved Literature?

The very simple answer to that is, “No!” Our AIMS is the newsletter put out by our Area to keep our members, (Northern Illinois) informed of the events in our Area. Sharing that information in11-7-2015 10-57-30 PM our groups is what the AIMS is all about. Certainly the info therein should be shared among members and in the groups during the time designated for business and announcements.

However I think the inquirer wished to ask about the Forum. While it would not be possible to “approve” individually, our Conference has approved the concept of this wonderful “meeting in my pocket!” The Conference refers to the once a year meeting of all our delegates, trustees and selected members of the World Service Office. As they get together only once a year and our Forum is printed every month, it would be impossible for them to individually approve every issue. It is publication composed of many shares from around the world and we are encouraged to use it freely in our meetings and personally. Our AIMS Newsletter does not go through the Conference, thus does not meet the requirement for Conference Approved Literature (CAL). It should not be treated as such in meetings.

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