How do you and your groups get people to do service?

This Ask FLAC topic is: “How do you and your groups get people to do service?”

[column size=”one-half”]It’s a question I’ve asked of every group I attend. I’m still waiting for an answer. “Let go and let God” is all that comes to me. When one group’s  literature coordinator had repeatedly asked for someone to take over as his year’s service position had ended, he got no response. When another group was chronically without someone to act as chair, few stepped up. And on it goes.

Some of us have tried the recital of why we need members to step up and  others have just gone ahead  and done it themselves. When  these things happen, the  meetings become stagnant and possibly “taken over” by a sometimes dominating person. Many think they’re not experienced enough to chair, give a lead, order books, etc.  Others think Al-Anon will always be there, so they don’t  need to serve.[/column]

[column size=”one-half” last=”true”]Some things really do work.  The best examples I’ve observed is when, at a sponsor’s urging a sponsee to step up, culminates in the sponsee’s action. The sponsee most often gets an unexpected sense of accomplishment. The program becomes more a part of their recovery. The member grows and life becomes better.  Perhaps we could focus on sponsors who want to grow  and grow along with their sponsees. Our programs mean so much more to us when we’ve been able to give someone who’s suffering a helping hand by doing what might be considered a little thing. As one of our slogans says, “Let it begin with me”[/column]

The only ones among you who  will be really happy are those  who will have sought and  found how to serve. Albert  Schweitzer – Courage to  Change, p.78

[highlight]Send your questions to  Please see hard copy of The  AIMS for contact info.  The committee will select and  publish as many letters as  possible, striving for a good  representation of the  experience, strength, and hope  in our literature.[/highlight]

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