Does Al-Anon approve any literature that is not Published by Al-Alanon

From AIMS 08-2010

“Does Al-Anon approve any literature that is not published by Al-Anon?” AskFlac2

Well, the simple answer is yes and no. No when it comes to literature to be used in Al-Anon meetings. Yes when it comes to literature for individual motivation and inspiration. Before we can really answer this question, we need  to know just what Conference Approved Literature is, how it developed, and why and when we use it. Today a  literature idea comes from the membership and is brought to the World Service Conference. After it is established that the literature meets a need in the fellowship that is not being adequately covered, the World Service Conference will discuss it and decide on approval. As stated in Why Conference Approved Literature; “Once the Conference approved it, the World Service Conference Office Staff coordinates the project.” A literature committee of at least 20 Al-Anon members reviews the manuscript at each stage of its development. Once the committee is satisfied, a policy committee and the Executive Director review the draft manuscript.

“Conference Approval of a  piece of literature means that it’s development was authorized by the  Conference,  it has been through the C.A.L. process, and that Al-Anon members including 20 Delegate, Trustee,  and staff members of the Conference have approved the final edition.” This is our assurance that the main thrust  of the literature falls within Al-Anon’s single purpose –To help the families and friends of alcoholics.

“In the early  days of Al-Anon, before there was a World Service Conference, individual groups wrote their own literature.” It  could reflect the principles of Al-Anon or not reflect our principles. “In 1962 and 1965 the World Service Conference voted unanimously to recommend to groups THE EXCLUSIVE USE of Al-Anon Conference  Approved Literature in its meetings.” This encourages unity and avoids confusing the Al-Anon message with the introduction of principles from other groups or organizations.

“Outside” literature sometimes conveys the Al- Anon message, however many times it does not.” Using these “outside” sources can lead to dissension in a group and affect unity. This can be very confusing to a newcomer. Exclusive use of Al-Anon literature at meetings  means that the Al-Anon message is not diluted in any way.

So Al-Anon approved literature needs to be  EXCLUSIVELY used in meetings, while “outside” literature can be used by individuals for other personal purposes. In this way the  influence of outside literature is minimized in our meetings and the Al-Anon message remains strong.

Sources: Paths to Recovery (Traditions Six and Ten), Why Conference Approved Literature (an Al-Anon pamphlet) 

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