Action Committees at the NIAFG Assemblies– What are these things? How do I choose? I’m confused.

[dropcap]Q.[/dropcap] Action Committees at the NIAFG Assemblies– What are these things? How do I choose? I’m confused.



[dropcap]A.[/dropcap]At our January Assembly and back at my district and Al-Anon meetings, I heard these comments from our new GRs. I remember feeling the same way when I was first exposed to the Action Committees at my first assembly and had to choose one of them to attend. I was told to stay with the same meeting the entire three years. What if I made a wrong choice for me? It brought back negative memories of living with the active drinker where wrong choices brought anxiety and fear. I ask you to relax and take a breath. Remember– it is not a sentence if you go to one of the committees and really don’t like it. Pick another one till you find the one you like and where you feel you are productive. It is asked that you have consistent attendance, if possible, when you find the one you feel comfortable attending. It works well if your district have enough people to attend each of the four committees, and they can report back to your district on the results.

I have learned a lot about our history of Action Committees and mission statements. I would like to share that and maybe clear up some of the confusion.

The Action Committees are designed to improve communication between our different levels of Al-Anon including WSO, NIAFG, and the Al-Anon/Alateen Groups of our Area, improve public outreach to change us from the “best kept secret” by letting as many professionals and suffering potential Al-Anon/Alateens know where we are and help strengthen our groups.

There are four Action Committees:

  1. Public Outreach –Develops and implements strategies to assist the fellowship carry our message to the public.
  2. Membership Outreach — Accurate, timely, inspiring information communicated with the fellowship that encourages participation in conventions, workshops, and service meetings.
  3. Group Services — To strengthen Al-Anon/Alateen Family Groups and districts by assisting in the dissemination of information related to groups, by assisting in group organization and logistical issues, and by extending support for group conflicts and issues.
  4. Fellowship Literature (FLAC) — The primary purpose remains the articulation of a clear, consistent message of hope for family members and friends of alcoholics through our Conference Approved Literature, The Forum, and the AIMS by reading, writing for, and distributing CAL.

Each Committee needs a Chairperson and Secretary for the three years if possible. It should be noted that:

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